Professor David Stirrups FRPSL

The international gold medal winning collections listed below were assembled by Professor David Stirrups FRPSL, emeritus Professor of Orthodontics from Dundee University.  David was a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London as well as a very active member of the Gibraltar Study Circle and other philatelic societies in the UK, Spain and Portugal.

David collected Stamps and Postal History for over 60 years, with particular interest in Gibraltar stamps and postal history of all periods but especially the period 1850 to 1875 when Spanish stamps could be used on mail from Gibraltar, to which this part of the site is dedicated.

David also had other collections relating to cartophilately (map and map related philately), maritime mail to the Iberian Peninsula to 1875, Portuguese pre-stamp town marks and the postal history of Cadiz.  David exhibited both nationally and internationally, earning a number of gold medals for his collections.

David started work on this website with me in May 2016 but unfortunately passed away before he could see the website come to life.  At David’s request, the purpose of this web site is to share the information David gathered on the use of Spanish stamps on mail from Gibraltar 1850-1875 and to invite others to add to knowledge by sharing what they know.  These pages are made freely available as a source of information to those with similar interests.

David’s collections available for viewing are:

If you have any covers posted from Gibraltar with a Spanish stamp between 1850 and 1875 and wish to add them to this website to extend the knowledge, please use the contact page to make contact with the GSC so that your information can be added as appropriate – with full credits of course.

Please note however, that it is not possible to provide valuations.

David was also a prolific contributor to the GSC newsletter, “The Rock”.  Indeed, David’s constant research in the articles in the early editions prompted him to create an index to simplify locating subject matter in these non-searchable pdf versions.

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