Rock Samples?

Views of the Rock of Gibraltar
“Views of the Rock of Gibraltar” issued in September 2002. These have powdered Gibraltar rock sintered to the surface using a thermographic process.


Definitely not petrified, “The Rock” magazine is issued roughly four times a year.  Most issues contain 24 full colour pages with, in most cases, plenty of illustrations, scans and photographs to accompany the articles.

The articles are very varied and, whilst mostly philatelic in nature, many venture into the more socio-historical side of postal usage and associated events of the time such as that of the first example listed below, issue 170. 

  • “The Rock” –  Issue 170, Edition 4-2017.  In this case we made contact with the sender’s surviving family and passed on all the research to them, as well as the posted article, for their archive.  A perfect example of philately NOT just being about little bits of paper!