The Gibraltar Study Circle has a library of publications available for loan to its members for up to one calendar month.  The Study Circle will pay the initial postage & packing and the member is responsible for returning the loan by post.  Alternatively the item to be borrowed can be collected from and/or returned to the Honorary Librarian in person.

Scanned excerpts of the publications can be obtained (subject to copyright restrictions) for research purposes by requesting:

  1. a copy of the Index/Contents page from the relevant publications
  2. scans, via email attachment, of the relevant chapter.

Scans of more than 10 pages will be sent in separate batches.  For loans or scans, please contact the Honourable Librarian via the Contact Us page.


Subject / Title Author

British Naval Post & Censor Marks of the First World War  Dr M.H.Gould
Censorship in the Royal Air Force 1918 to 1956 N Colley/W Garrard

Collecting and Exhibiting (**Recent Additions**)
Guidelines for Successful Exhibiting (BPT 1991) Franceska Rapkin
Introducing Thematic Collecting (NPS 1983) Alma Lee
Competitive Exhibiting at Local & Federation Level (ABPS 2001) Dr A Huggins
Collecting and displaying Revenue Stamps (RSGB 1995) Clive Akerman
General & Special Guidelines for the Evaluation of Exhibits at F.I.P. Exhibitions (BIP 1999)  

Forwarding Agents
A History of the Forwarding Agents of Gibraltar Ricky Richardson
I Corrispondeti Postalie: Italia E Area Mediterranea Luciano De Zanche

Issued Stamps
Gibraltar: 1950 KGVI ‘New Constitution’ Double Overprint Edmund Chambers
Gibraltar:  Collecting King George V 1935 Silver Jubilee Edmund Chambers
Gibraltar: Collecting King George VI  Edmund Chambers
Gibraltar: Errors and Varieties 1886-2008 R.G. Burton
GB Used Abroad: Cancellations and Postal Markings. Parmenter & Gordon
Postage Stamps of Gibraltar G Duveen

Morocco Agencies
The British Postal Service in Morocco 1749-1906 R Garcia, M.B.E.
British Post Offices & Agencies in Morocco 1857-1898 Dr R K Clough
British Post Offices & Agencies in Morocco 1857-1907 & Local Posts 1891-1914 Dr R K Clough
British Post Offices and Agencies in Morocco 1857 to 1901 Cyril Metliss
The Stamps of the Morocco Agencies, Chapter 4:
Gibraltar Postal Stationery of QV and KEVII overprinted MOROCCO AGENCIES.
R Garcia, M.B.E.
The Stamps of the Morocco Agencies, Chapter 5:
GB stamps 1907-1957 overprinted MOROCCO AGENCIES or TANGIER. 
Geoffrey Chivers
Overprinted British Postal Stationery.  John Gledhill

Naval /Sea
The Falmouth Packets David Mudd
Falmouth Packets 1689-1851 Tony Pawlin
Gibraltar: The Link with the Sea Sam Smith
The History, Stamps & Postal Cancellations of the Woermann Steamship Line of Hamburg 1890-1965” (Deutsche Seepost – Line Hamburg West Africa)  Phillip Cockrill
North Atlantic Mail Sailings 1840-75 W Hubbard & R F Winter
Naval Mails 1939-49 John Goldup
Naval Officers Letters G Osborn, G.M.
North Atlantic Mail Sailings 1840-75 W Hubbard & R F Winter
Paquebot Marks of the Mediterranean Area E Dreschel
The Postal History of the P&O Service to the Peninsula R Kirk
The Royal Marines – Home and Abroad A Postal History 1664-1994 Bob Swarbrick
The Royal Navy at Gibraltar Tito Benady
Ship Letters John G Hendry
The Story of the P & O D & S Howarth

Postal History
From Gibraltar to Spain 1850-1875 Ricky Richardson
Gibraltar: The Postal History & Postage Stamps Volume 1 to 1885  G Osborn, G.M.
Gibraltar: Quarantine and Disinfection of Mail  Garcia / Vandervelde
Introducing Postal History V. J. Sussex
The Legend of The Small Arc Gibraltar Ricky Richardson
The Postal History of Gibraltar Garcia  & Proud
Posted in Gibraltar – An illustrated Postal History of Gibraltar W Hine-Haycock

Postal Stationery
Gibraltar Postal Stationery W Jackson
Gibraltar: The Postal History and Postage Stamps Volume 4
– Gibraltar Postal Stationery (2nd Edn.)
E Holmes / R Neville

Proofs, Essays, Specimen etc.
Gibraltar Design & Archive Material to the first Pictorial Issue Paul Kayfetz
UPU Specimen Stamps James Bendon
UPU Specimen Stamps 1878-1961 James Bendon

British Commonwealth Revenues J Barefoot
British Postal Rates, 1635 to 1839 O R Sanford / D Salt
Early Forces Mail Barrie Jay
A Guide to the Post Office Archives Jean Farrugia
The Guns and Towers of Gibraltar George Palao
The Rock & the Royal Air Force Henry Probert
SG Specialised Catalogue of GB Vol.2 KEVII to KGV 5th Edition Stanley Gibbons
Silk postcards E D Holmes